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img1.jpg, 3.8kBThe creation of the Apple Retail Customer Experience was a combination of many forces at a critical juncture in Apple's history. In 2000 the stock was floundering and by all measures Steve Jobs knew customers had to get engaged and their hands on Apple products. Apple products were poorly positioned and were subject to spiff and incentive selling with Apple's normal retail channel partners.

Every company should have its own unique version of its relationship between its products, its services, and its customers. The customer experience is part of the culture of your organization as well as the experience customers "feel" during his or her buying experience. A company or organization should also deeply understand their vision and values enough to juxtapose the customer experience with their vision and values.

Fallacy of defining the Customer Experience...

The customer experience is undefinable by its very nature — try and capture it , you lose it, try and hold it, it slips through your fingers — what it really is a set of values and promises to customers, the company, and its employees — actualized. The customer experience is more of a gestalt — "the sum of its parts is greater than its whole" —

The customer experience is really three gestalt forces...

Beyond Left- and Right-brain

The customer experience — it begins with three foundations. These foundations are the essence and are separate from the preceding three forces.

The real secret to a successful customer experience is to build on these foundations using the forces — and then mentor your employees or sales people to execute their training with customers.

Apple employees exemplify these characteristics when engaged with customers— you "feel" the connection whether you are welcomed to the store, working with a Mac Genius, or creating a movie or learning how to use a spreadsheet with a Creative during a One-to-One.

These three foundations are the core competency of developing and creating an effective and successful customer experience when used in the development process with clients.

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